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SignaturePhoto, based in Sydney, provide digital photography courses, workshops, tours and classes for both beginner and amateur photographers who are stressed for time and don’t have the time to commit to 6 week evening courses.
As there is more to digital photography than just taking photos we also provide basic photo / image-editing Adobe Lightroom workshops for those photographers who want to improve and manage their photos, and have an understanding of the complete digital imaging process. Our Shutterbug Kids interactive workshop introduces children (7-12) to the world of digital photography.
Our outdoor, in-person group photography courses adhere to Covid-19 government guidelines and the instructor is double vaccinated.

SignaturePhoto has been teaching photography courses in Sydney for over twelve years. All of our photography courses and workshops are pre-dominantly the hands-on approach in a variety of locations, as we believe that is really the only way to learn. They are also fun and informal. Sarah is the primary course instructor with assistants helping her on a casual basis when required. She also provides one-to-one private training for individuals or business employees who are unable to join a course. We are passionate about all things photography.
See at a glance all of our photography courses around Sydney. We look forward to hearing from you, either call 0419 447 635; or to make a booking fill out the Course Booking Form.

“Thanks for the great day out. I learned a lot on Saturday and have been putting it into practice already - lots of leading lines! I feel pretty confident with all my camera's settings now, which means I can move past the basic and start experimenting to get even better shots. I doubt my camera will ever be on 'Auto' ever again!” Steven Ayers

Sarah Jenkins (B.A Hons UK)
professional photographer / graphic designer

Sarah Jenkins, the director of SignaturePhoto Photography Courses, is a freelance photographer, graphic designer and photography training instructor. She has more than 20 years experience in both the photography and graphic design fields, working for well-respected agencies in London and Sydney.
Sarah lives in Sydney Australia but her wanderlust for travel has taken her to all corners of the globe; to 135 countries and all 7 continents. Her travels have led her to some of the most remote places of the world. Photography for Sarah, is capturing the world around her - images of people, cultures, light, and colour. A visual storytelling through her photography, of the places visited and the spirit of the people she meets.

Many of Sarah's images have received international professional photography awards including 1st Place Winner & Gold Award in Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) 2018, and recently Bronze Award in Paris PX3 2019 & 2020.
Sarah also runs her business SignatureBook - high-end, custom designed and printed coffee table photobooks. Her creative eye, high post-production standards and overall enthusiastic professionalism are much appreciated in her digital photography teaching. Sarah has also been a Digital Photography lecturer at highly respected Sydney design college. Her passion for travel fits in perfectly with her love of photography and design.
www.sarahajenkins.com (Sarah's photo gallery) www.signaturebook.com.au (custom photo books).

Receiving written feedback is always appreciated - just a few of the comments (below) received from attendees of SignaturePhoto photography courses. Check out also reviews from past course clients on TripAdvisor and Google Business page. SignaturePhoto awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021.
"Thank you very much Sarah for a fantastic day. We both learnt a great deal. You made it simple but comprehensive for first timers, you were available to all in the group, didn't make us feel like idiots and you organised the day perfectly in order to take advantage of the variables in natural light. The pdf notes are also great and a reflection of your professionalism and flare for teaching. We are certainly enthused and I am sure you will be seeing us again on another of your photography courses." Gloria and Peter Marchioni

"Sarah is an excellent photography teacher. My photography greatly improved after just one session, her communication and follow up is very professional and I'm excited to see my photography skills grow. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning about photography. She was also very diligent in managing instruction in a COVID-19 safe way, while we practised taking photos around Sydney." Candice C

"Thanks Sarah for the great course. I learnt heaps in just a few short hours. There is nothing like watching and getting direct feedback from a photographer like yourself! Getting off auto focus, lowering exposure to bring out more contrast, and creative use of white balance to get that amazing moonlight fountain! Awesome" Tony Liang

"I really enjoyed the course and it ran at a good pace. Some are too slow and others too fast...I've done a couple! Your course has given me the perfect spring board to feel confident in using my camera. Thanks again for a great day." Brigitta Hardie

"Smartphone photography workshop - I learnt a lot and had a lot of fun. With the new knowledge I took two photos of my husband and son. I posted on FB and have received multiple compliments with combined nearly 200 likes and 80 plus comments of praise." Susan Smith

" Thanks so much Sarah for a fabulous day of photography. I’m so thankful for your great instruction, information, support and direction throughout the day. I learnt so much and now feel I have the tools to get off auto and be creative with my camera." Cathie Cowell

"Thanks for a great camera learning experience (Essentials 1-day course). I have a lot of new information to practice. Appreciate the notes which I expect will be referred to a lot in coming weeks." M Emery

"iPhone photography workshop - Fabulous! A great afternoon walking around Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and Paddington taking pictures and learning lots of useful tips and functionality on how to get the most out of your iPhone camera. Great recommendations of the best apps to use for taking photos and editing. A small group, so Sarah was able to give one-on-one attention and help on taking better photos! Would highly recommend this workshop." Lisa Madely

"Thank you for such a fantastic day. I am really looking forward to taking all the skills I learnt and experimenting with my photography. Everyone that I have shown the photos to are so shocked by the quality of the photos and can't believe it was only a 1 day beginners course.' L Dewberry

"Thank you so much for the course (Next Step) yesterday. It was a great little group. I picked up a lot of technique." Michael Hall

"Yesterday's course was great! You were really good at explaining all of the things that have had me confused for so many years and you put all the technical stuff in an easy to understand lesson. I was on the brink of not wanting to use my DSLR camera again until yesterday, now you have given me the confidence that I needed. I have finally taken my first shots at home off auto and gotten some great snaps of the kiddies. Thank you for giving me the tools to keep beautiful memories of my family and places forever." Sarah Paiva

"Thank you so much for all the information you have given me, not only for using my camera properly, but for my soon to be online business. It's such a relief knowing I can use my DSLR manually rather then just on auto. Your 1 day course was absolutely amazing, it was so informative, exciting and fun." Jodie Santos

"Thank you for a most instructive morning - I learned so much from you and have recommended your workshop to others." Bev Vickers

"Thanks for an excellent day Sarah - you are a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Now looking forward to practising." Liz Gilbert

"Thanks for all the photography pointers - they really helped me to understand the basics. I got exactly what I wanted out of the course! I really enjoyed myself and am already planning my next photography adventure this weekend!" Zaf Hussein

"Thank you for a fantastic day of creative learning! I really felt like I got a lot out of it and you're a great teacher!" Vicky Bolton

"I had great day it was more than I expected and I was reviewing my photographs this morning to see what I had achieved. Thank you for the day." Annette Hicks

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great course. I got a lot out of the day and would highly recommend it without hesitation. I look forward to your next course." Terry Inskip

"Just to follow up on today Sarah, thank you very much. I learned what I now need to practise to stop my fingers getting in the way on adjusting settings and getting to the settings I want to. Thank you for your clarity and patience." Tom Pace

"I really enjoyed the day on Sunday and greatly appreciate the way you were able to provide us with so may useful tips and an increased appreciation of photography." Philip Skinner

"I had a great day on Sunday. I learnt a lot. My husband was pretty impressed with some of my photos too! Already I am looking at photos a bit differently - picking up the sharpness, rule of thirds, background blur in portrait shots etc." Fiona Ferguson

"Thanks for today. Maddie and I had such a great time. As soon as she got home she downloaded all the photos and had a 'viewing' for the family. She was raving about the course - you were a great hit! We are going to explore the city and spend a day taking photos - you have ignited a spark!" Simone Sietsma and Maddie (age 15)

"Just wanted to say thank you for the course - you did a fantastic job! Cockatoo Island was very inspiring so intend to go back there soon." Brendon Flanagan

"I really enjoyed the course on Sunday - so glad I came. I got about 10 or so really good images that I was pretty stoked with. Just loved the day." Kylie Wenham

"I had great day yesterday, thank you for the tuition. Even though I have been venturing into manual and aperture modes there were a lot of functions on my camera I didn't fully understand and also an important aspect of photography - lighting. After yesterday's course I feel more confident in taking better photos and am very pleased with most of my photos I shot on the course." Peter Hayward

"It was lovely to meet you and the group. I had a lot of fun learning more about what my camera (and I) can do and am quite inspired to continue." Elizabeth Miller

"Billy and I had a wonderful time on the course yesterday. He is hooked and will be streets ahead of his classmates in his school photography project this term." Jenny Bridge and Billy (age 14)

Thank you for yesterday's course. It was a great day out and I definitely learnt many things that I will start putting into practice to become a better photographer. The fact that it was a small group felt like it was more a 1 on 1 which was great for us." Ziggy Daher

"Thanks Sarah. Really enjoyed the course - some of my shots are great, and the skills are invaluable." Matthew Boulton

"Thank you again for a great day yesterday. It's amazing what can be created when you know a few of the basics." Melinda Black

"I had a good time on Sunday and found the course very helpful. I think it was perfectly pitched - enough information to be experimenting with new things, but not too complex or too much to feel overwhelmed. I feel inspired to take more photos." Leanne Barnett

"Thanks so much for the course [The Next Step Course] yesterday. It was fantastic to be able to get so much variety in the course in just 6 hours!" Corinne Szabo

"Thanks so much for a well structured and informative day. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to doing more with my camera." Paul Cottee

"Thank you Sarah so much for the course. Was a fantastic learning experience ... many of my pictures turned out surprisingly good on the computer." Martin Fung

“Thanks so much for the day. We had a great time, and the experience was invaluable ... I have gone over my photos from the day, and I must say, most look pretty good.” Simon Peterson

“I really appreciated the course. You explained things in an easy to understand language. I certainly know a lot more about my camera. I thought they were an enthusiastic group.” Richard Lewis

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience during the workshop. It inspired me to make more time for photography and buy the macro lens I've been wanting." Heather Handley

“Thank you Sarah. It was a great day out and hopefully I will remember to use some of the techniques on my trip!” Cecilia Kwok

“It has been such a fun experience doing your Cockatoo Island photography course. I learnt so much from you. Thankyou.” Cindy Hamilton

“I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to yourself and all the group for a wonderful course. I have enjoyed it thoroughly and really feel I got a lot out of it.” Fionna Macdonald

“Thank you so much for being such a good photography lecturer. I really learnt a lot from this great class and had a fantastic time with all of you.” Catherine Wang

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